Dungeon Master for Hire!

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Are you seeking a Dungeon Master, but Dungeon Master for Hire is not available in your area? Fear not adventurer, for there may yet still be hope.  Simply browse the list below, and if the gods favour you, perhaps you will find a Dungeon Master on the list that you can arrange something with in your area. 

These DMs must be booked through me with a non-refundable deposit of $40 (Canadian or US funds depending if the DM you are booking with is in Canada or the US). This is how it works:

- you let me know who you'd like to book with, as well as the location, date, and amount of players

- I contact the DM, and see what their availability is, as well as pricing

- if they are available on the date you requested, and you agree to their fee, then you pay me the deposit. The balance is paid to the DM on game day in person

Please note that each DM will have their own policy on rates, travel fees, character creation fees, etc.

To book a Dungeon Master, either myself or one of those on the list in your area, call


email: dmforhire@hotmail.com

Are you a Dungeon Master looking to become part of this list?  Send a head shot as well as the following information to dmforhire@hotmail.com 

-  your name 

- your location 

- how far you are willing to travel 

- what games you run and what versions 

- any background information you wish to  


- contact information



Dungeon Masters booked through Dungeon Master for Hire








Padriac is based in Brampton, Ontario, but is also willing to travel to the areas listed above. He runs the following games;  Dungeons and Dragons (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 3.5 and 5th), Castles & Crusades 7th edition, Warhammer (Fantasy 2nd and 4th editions), Zweihander, and Dragon Age.

To book a game with Padriac, send your request to dmforhire@hotmail.com or call/text 




(Willing to travel anywhere within the city of Edmonton)

Jamie puts 110% into any and all campaigns and works with his players to incorporate their backstory into the main story for a seamless experience between character and world. 

Games Jamie is willing to run are: Pathfinder 1st Edition, D&D 5th Edition, Cyberpunk 2020, The Pathfinder Playtest (if someone ever wants to play that for some reason) and the Doctor Who RPG.

To book a game with Jamie,  send your request to dmforhire@hotmail.com or call/text 647-668-1456



(Travels to: Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph)

Christian has been running D&D games for 16 years, professionally for 2.5.  He believes in running games so that everyone at the table is having a fun and memorable time. He runs Theatre of the Mind games, and loves to work with people to include custom content or details.  Christian doesn't host, but knows of some local places that group can                                                               play at if the booking is not in a home. 

Games Christian runs: 5e D&D, Dungeon World, Masks, and One Pagers (ex. Honey Heist, custom made, etc.)

To book a game with Christian, send your request to dmforhire@hotmail.com or call/text 647-668-1456


(willing to travel within a few km of a Montreal Metro stop)

Games/versions:  D&D 5e

Jonathan has been playing D&D for a little over 5 years now and mostly enjoy being a dungeon master.  As an aspiring writer,  he feels that D&D affords a creative outlet to explore new themes ideas and get instant feed back from his players.  He enjoys teaching new players how to play and creating fun and sociable sessions leaving players wanting more.

Jonathan has created his own campaigns and one shots.  He has all the books and uses his 3D printer to make custom characters for players as well as engaging battle maps.  Additionally, he enjoys making soundscapes to further immerse my players in world and enhance the overall experience.

To book a game with Jonathan, send your request to dmforhire@hotmail.com or call/text 647-668-1456




(willing to travel across Europe subject to travel expenses)

David operates out of London, but also has a unique destination gaming opportunity for players willing to travel to Germany, (Hochstadt an der Donau), for a most epic game either in a hotel in a 500 year old castle with its own moat, or in an actual medieval inn, in the nearby town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, a town famous for being preserved in its medieval state.   How cool is that?  

David specializes in hosting DnD 5e one-shot adventures for casual social play as well as team-building gaming experiences with a focus on educational takeaways.

To book a game with David, send your request to dmforhire@hotmail.com



NYC-based Dungeon Master


Adam is located in Manhattan, NY, but covers any of the 5 boroughs (even Staten Island!) as well as parts of Westchester and New Jersey. A professional Stage Manager for Off-Broadway theatre, Adam got his start in improv comedy and acting. He will happily run either 3.5 or 5th Edition for groups veteran or novice, and anywhere in between. 

To book a game with Adam, send your request to dmforhire@hotmail.com



Tyler covers the following areas:  Austin, Texas, and surrounding areas (Pflugerville, Round Rock, Lakeway, Cedar Park, Leander, Buda, Elgin, Georgetown, essentially anywhere within an hour of downtown Austin), as well as San Antonio and the communities between those two cities.  He is willing to provide a hosting venue, or travel to the game.  He specializes in hosting Dungeons and Dragons 5e one-shot adventures for casual social play, as well as team-building gaming experiences with a focus on educational takeaways.

To book a game with Tyler, send your request to dmforhire@hotmail.com


SAGINAW, MICHIGAN (within 50 miles)

L. Lee Lamb a.k.a.The AMDM on youtube, has been playing table top rpgs since the late 80's. He currently favors Dungeons and Dragons 5E, but is willing to run 3.5 and Palladium Megaverse. He has been running a weekly game in a homebrew world for the    
                                                                                    last 5 years. He also loves teaching the                                                                                              game to new players.

Lee is willing to host local games within his home and travel anywhere within 50 miles of Saginaw, Michigan.

To book a game with Lee, send your request to dmforhire@hotmail.com


(within 25 miles)

D&D 5e

Michael started playing AD&D 2nd edition over 30 years ago. He fell in love with the game for a number of reasons. Now that life has settled down a bit, he has found his passion for the game again and dove back into it, with 5e. He loves teaching the game to new players. He especially enjoys using it as a tool for self expression, coping with anxiety, and other individual social skills, and feels that it can be a great team building activity as well, since it focuses on group tactics to overcome situations, like life. 

To book a game with Michael,  send your request to dmforhire@hotmail.com 



(Willing to travel anywhere within Roseville or the greater Sacremento area of California)

As a GM Kyrie prioritizes player choices and is flexible with his story telling.  He does everything he can to make sure his players are invested and talks to his players to see what they want to see.  

Games Kyrie is willing to run are: Pathfinder 1st Edition, D&D (Any edition), White wolf RPGs (WoD, Exalted), Gurps, AFMBE, D20 Modern and D20 Exodus

To book a game with Kyrie, send your request to dmforhire@hotmail.com



(willing to travel 50 miles effectively, but not limited to all San Diego County)

Edgar has been playing D&D for about 5 years now, and has really found a passion in DMing.  He has started several groups, (mainly players who have never played before).  He has also run a few one-shots at gaming stores around the area.  
He plays D&D 5e, and owns multiple pre-made campaigns (along with all the books), and always adds his own flavor, side-quests, and adventures based on what his PCs want.  Edgar is also an actor around town and does musical theater.  He also enjoys improv. 

To book a game with Edgar, send your request to dmforhire@hotmail.com



(willing to travel within 65 miles of Fayetteville, NC)

Ray has been playing D&D since the Gary Gygax "Pink" boxed set Basic and then the Blue Expert set (40 yrs now).  He will take groups as small as two and as large as 10.  Ray is allergic to cats and dogs, so he needs to know if that's you and he'll medicate accordingly. Ray has a penchant and materials for Forgotten Realms, but also loves Dragonlance as a campaign setting.  He uses various props, mini's, music, and voice acting to bring an awesome experience to the table each time, with unique interpretations and fun for any experience levels of adventurers. He asks that all games be super family-friendly and include times of creative teamwork and storytelling, not just hack-N-slash. 

To book a game with Ray, send your request to dmforhire@hotmail.com or call/text 647-668-1456



(willing to travel within 50 miles of Greensboro, NC)

Randall Hayes is a former neuroscience researcher and classroom educator.  He also wrote the PlotBot science column for Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show.  He has been gaming since the late 1980s.  Games he runs are:  D&D or OSRIC (1st edition clone), TSR Marvel Superheroes, Call of Cthulhu (great for learning history), Diaspora (FATE space opera). and Amber Diceless.

To book a game with Randall, send your request to dmforhire@hotmail.com 



(Able to DM anywhere in the Austin area)

Taylor has honed his skills through a careful mix of improv, planning, and always asking himself,“how can this be more fun?” for over a decade. Having scratch built 6 different campaigns for a variety of different groups and 4 years of theater and improv experience under his belt, you know you’re in good hands. He holds a determination to bring a new level of experience to his sessions with 3d dioramas, dynamic battle features, painted miniatures, a range of character voices, plot hooks, mystery, connected stories, and most importantly, FUN!

Games Taylor runs: DnD 5e, Dungeon World, Ryuutama, Zweihander. 

To book a game with Taylor, send your request to dmforhire@hotmail.com 



(willing to travel up to 125 miles)

Joseph has been playing RPGs for 15 years, and running them for 7 years. He has always put enormous passion and love into his games, using his background in theatre, music/ambiance, and visual aids (minis, authentic-looking maps, wax-sealed letters, etc.) to heighten the experience for his players. 

Joseph has worked with both young children and older adults, from total beginners to veterans of the hobby.  His style is very flexible, and he is comfortable with running anything from character-based narrative to gritty, spine-chilling horror.

Joseph runs the following games: Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition, Mouse Guard, 
The Cortex Universal System (and off-shoot settings, such as Firefly and Demon Hunters),
Shadow of the Demon Lord, Vampire the Masquerade, Fantasy Age/Dragon Age RPG, Toon,
Barbarians of Lemuria, an assortment of fun Micro-RPGs, including: Honey Heist, Lasers and Feelings, and Offworlders, and a homebrew system called The Erwinian Universal System; a multi-generational legacy project.

To book a game with Joseph, send your request to dmforhire@hotmail.com



(willing to travel within a 50 mile radius)

Thomas runs the following systems:

Pathfinder 1e
Pathfinder 2e
Shadowrun 5e
Call of Cthulhu 6e
Star Wars Age of the Rebellion
Star Wars Edge of the Empire
Star Wars Force and Destiny
Star Wars Saga

To book a game with Thomas, send your request to dmforhire@hotmail.com 



30 miles of travel (West Palm to Vero Beach)

A long time DM that has run anything from a one shot to multi year campaigns, Trevor can run a game for first time gamers just to see if they like roleplaying (with or without pre-generated characters), or start a campaign that runs from level 1 to level cap over the course of years.  He runs games in multiple genres, from classic sword and sorcery, to high tech robots slugging it out in space with lasers and missiles. 

Trevor runs the following games:
Pathfinder 1.0
Robotech RPG tactics (a hybrid of a traditional pen and paper roleplaying game and a tabletop miniature based wargame)
Heroes Unlimited 2nd Edition (superheroes)
Wheel of Time (based on Pathfinder rule set)

To book a game with Trevor, send your request to dmforhire@hotmail.com



(willing to travel within 10 miles of Albany)

George, Brandon and Austin run 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons, open to running edition 3.5 as well.  They over 20 years of DM experience combined. Their collaboration and group effort allows for a near seamless experience, with seldom a break for rule checking or note taking.

To book a game with George, Brandon and Austin, send your request to dmforhire@hotmail.com 



(Willing to travel up to 300 miles from the surrounding area)

Sawyer's first experiences with D&D were with his father and siblings, which instilled in him a love for storytelling and acting at a young age.  As he got older and more involved in gaming as a DM, Sawyer studied shows like Critical Role which helped catapult him forward into becoming a better DM.  Since then he has taken several improv and acting classes,  and has introduced a lot of people to the game in college and onward.  Sawyer enjoys using his improv and acting background to NPCs and villains to make for compelling encounters and outcomes.  He believes that the games should be as immersive an experience as possible, and so he includes music playlists, ambiences and sounds, and even themed food and drinks for his sessions.

Sawyer runs the following games/systems:

Dungeons and Dragons (Both 5th and 1st Editions), Call of Cthulhu (7th Edition), Kids on Bikes,

Historia (5th Edition), City of Mist, Fifth Age (A Cyberpunk 5th Edition Supplement), Adventures in Middle Earth (5th Edition), Dragonraid (1st Edition), Age of Rebellion, Edge of the Empire and 

Force and Destiny Star Wars Role Playing Games (Fantasy Flight).

To book a game with Sawyer, send your request to dmforhire@hotmail.com 



(Willing to travel: up to 50 miles)

Chris was introduced to D&D by a long time friend and fell head over heels for it.   He says he has never picked something up so quickly or had so much passion for a hobby.
His favorite part of DMing is world building. 

Chris currently runs 5e games but is willing to expand. 

To book a game with Chris, send your request to dmforhire@hotmail.com



(willing to travel up to 25 miles)

Lava spends all of their free time thinking about D&D and how to best fit a story to their players. Communication is key to Lava's games, as that human connection is what drives their games.  Lava runs D&D 3.5

To book a game with Lava, send your request to dmforhire@hotmail.com 



(willing to travel up to 50 miles)

Daniel has been playing table-top RPGs since he was 8 years old, almost 40 years, with over 30 years of experience as a GM with a variety of systems. Over the years he's developed an intense improvisational style for running games, rapidly evolving the story and adventure based on where the players take the adventure. While he does favor theater of the mind, he does use some token/mini-map play if needs arise.

Daniel runs Dungeons & Dragons (2nd and 5th editions), Star Trek Adventures, Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed of, and Star Wars Saga or WEG d6,

To book a game with Daniel, send your request to dmforhire@hotmail.com