Dungeon Master for Hire!

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Dungeon Challenges

DM for Hire will be sending out these, 'Dungeon Challenges', that will be open to all players from all groups.  Not part of a group?  No problem.  This option is also perfect for people who want to try the services of DM for Hire, but don't have a group formed yet.  

Here's how it works:

At the beginning of each month, the Dungeon Challenge will be issued.  Occasionally, a second Dungeon Challenge may be issued in one particular month.  The challenge(s) will be based on 5e rules.  Experienced 5e players can make up their own characters, (based on the 5e rules), which must be reviewed and approved before being allowed into play.  You must follow the, 'Ability Score Point Cost', rules in making your character up, and the character must be the level indicated to you by the Dungeon Master.  Any characters generated by cheating will not be admissible for the Dungeon Challenge.  Experienced and Non-experienced players can also select from available pre-generated characters, or they may make arrangements with the Dungeon Master for a custom designed character. 

You may not use an character from an existing DM for Hire 5e group unless that character is in-between adventures.  You may not use an existing character from a group outside of DM for Hire groups.  Characters being brought in from groups must be characters that are in the same world setting as the Challenge.

The Dungeon Challenges used to be offered as basic level challenges (levels 1-3), however since we've been doing these, many regulars have advanced past that point, and so now DM for Hire also offers higher level challenges.  Players can make up characters at a level appropriate for those adventurers, or use their existing Dungeon Challenge characters if they are of sufficient level.   Each player may use the same character they played with at a previous challenge, (provided that the character survived), complete with all equipment they had before, including any treasure or magic they may have picked up along the way.  Higher level challenges will occur over time as the players characters continue rise in levels.

Each Dungeon Challenge set will be a special design that, along with the creepy sound effects, is sure to totally enhance game play.  For some examples of game sets, see the pictures below.

Dungeon Challenges are serious business for players.  Your character very well may die, so be advised that if you bring a 5e character from an existing DM for Hire 5e group, and your character dies, you will have to make up a new character for your regular group play.  However, for those that survive the Dungeon Challenge, the rewards are worth it!

Entrance into the Dungeon Challenge is on a first come first served basis.  Each challenge will be open to a party of a maximum number of players, depending on the Challenge.  Some games will have a 6 player cap, and some may have a 9 player or more cap.  To reserve your spot, the fee of $25 must be either be sent by interact e-transfer, or paid in person to secure your spot in the 'party'.  This payment is non-refundable and not useable for different events if you suddenly can't make it,  so make sure that you can commit to the date before you sign up.  

For details on this months' Dungeon Challenge,  see below:


The Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors is running out of components! Giants attacked the annual caravan bringing new supplies from Silverymoon, and current supplies will not last much longer. The guild has issued a contract for experienced hunters and adventurers to undertake a quest into the High Forest, to go to hunting for various components. Most importantly on the list is a branch from the Grandfather Tree, but the other components on the list are parts from various animals, plants, and monsters that can only be found deep in the High Forest.

Although much less expansive than in ancient times, the High Forest is still vast and mysterious. Larger than most kingdoms, it encompasses mountains. The High Forest is said to be home to treants of enormous size, stags with antlers as wide across as a wagon, brown bears bigger than large sheds, owlbears, wolves, unicorns, and many other creatures, including fiercely territorial wood elves and Uthgardt barbarians of the Tree Ghost tribe. The forest holds many hidden settlements, haunted ruins, fey crossings and ancient magical wards, according to rumor and legend.

In the outermost fringes of the forest, woodcutters ply their trade, and outlaws on the run might find refuge. But as everyone knows, those who venture too deep into the High Forest are often not seen again....

DATE: Saturday, November 17

TIME: 7 PM – 12 AM



Book your spot NOW by replying by email or by calling me direct at 647-668-1456.

Date: Saturday, November 17, 2018

Time: 6 pm – 11 pm

Location: 47 Marilyn Crescent (The Dungeon)

Cost: $25 per player

Spots Remaining:  6 of 6

The pics below are from various games to give you an example of what the game sets look like here in my dungeon....