Dungeon Master for Hire!

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About the Dungeon Master


John has been a player and a Dungeon Master for 30 years now!  While in high school he was introduced to the game by a teacher, and began by playing the original Dungeons and Dragons set that came out in 1974 but soon moved on to the Dungeons and Dragons Basic set that came out in the 80's, when he met 3 friends in high school that wanted to play.  Together they formed a group and gamed for over a decade using those rules and some from AD&D, and as other versions came out they began to experiment with those versions, (AD&D 2nd edition, Dungeons and Dragons 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 5.0), as well as other rpg games.

Since then John has kept playing D&D on and off with various groups over the years, but it wasn't until July 2016 that he thought of the idea of hosting Dungeons and Dragons games for a living.  John's games are definitely not the average gaming session.  The sound files and 3D sculptures provided at each session totally enhance the gaming experience, making you feel very much like you are walking through a dark dungeon corridor, a gloomy forest, or whatever the setting may be in your game.  

John is committed to providing a game experience unlike any which you may have experienced

before.  All games come with three dimensional dungeons and creepy sound effects that totally enhance game play and will leave you and your friends asking, 'When can we play again?' 

With a variety of scenarios to choose from, he is sure you’ll be happy you booked a game. Look around the website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to do so on the  'Contact Us' page.  Before doing so, please note: 

1)  DM for Hire is based in TORONTO, ONTARIO.  This service does not host games outside of 

     the host location in Scarborough, without additional travel costs (detailed below under             

     prices).  For those of you that are outside of my regular service area,(Scarborough to West             Toronto) who wish live games, the travel cost will involve an ride from my Scarborough

     location to your location, and back again after the game, in addition to other travel costs for my       time, depending on where you are.  

2)  This service has always operated as an 'in-person' table-top' gaming experience.  However,

      due to recent covid-19 social distancing concerns, this service will be operating remotely                using Zoom.  Prices will remain as indicated below, minus of course travel fees which will

      not apply to remote games. If booking a remote game for yourself or a group, please make            sure you or the members of your group have installed Zoom and are proficient in using it to            connect.

3)  For those of you outside of my service area, in Canada or other parts of the world who desire         a live DM, please see my 'DMs Near You' page.  Here you will find a list of Dungeon Masters         around the world, who are doing what I'm doing.


You may be asking yourself, 'Why would I pay you to run a game for me when there are so many free groups being run around Toronto or my friends and I could just do it ourselves?'

Here's why:

1.  You don't own any of the books, or know
     anyone that does, and you don't want to
     invest the money and time necessary to
     understand how to run a game with your
     friends.  You just want to play!

2.  All of the gaming groups in your area don't
     have games going that mix well with your

3.  There are no existing gaming groups in
     your area.

4.  There are gaming groups in your area, but
     you don't want to hang around hobby
     store with a bunch of kids to play.

5.  You'd rather this be a private event for you
     and your friends.

6.  You want to be able to drink alcohol and/or
     order outside food while you play and the
     hobby stores do not allow this.