Dungeon Master for Hire!

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Are you lacking a little adventure in your life?  Have you heard people talking about role-playing games like, 'Dungeons and Dragons', and wondered what it's all about?  Would you and your friends like to try a game but you don't own the books, or know anyone who plays?  Well look no further!  Dungeon Master for Hire has everything you need to get you on the road to adventure!

Dungeon Master for Hire is an rpg-hosting service that brings the adventure to your screen, anywhere in the world!  

Prices are indicated below.   If booking a remote game for yourself or a group, please make sure that you, or you and the members of your group are proficient in Zoom, and that each player using it tconnect has adequate bandwidth for a positive Zoom experience.


Each 4 hour session includes 3 dimensional dungeons, creepy sound effects and other game-enhancing surprises, for an unforgettable gaming experience!  Book a group game for you and your friends, or even play one-on-one with the Dungeon Master in solo play!  Dungeon Master for Hire has just celebrated it's 5th year of operation and is going strong!  Let the adventure continue...


Group Play:  4-6 players for 4 hours   
                     $25 USD each player (each additional hour $10 USD per player)

Solo Play:  $25 USD per hour (4 hour minimum)

Corporate Teambuilding:  $50 USD per player for a four hour training session

Gift Certificates are also available.  There are 4 options: 
1) Group certificate - good for an entire group of 4-6 players for a four hour session - $100-150 USD
2) Individual player in a group certificate - good for one player for their spot in a regular 4 hour group game - $25 USD
3) One on one solo play with the Dungeon Master - good for one player only for four hours - solo play - $100 USD

Cancellations:  Please note that all game fees are non-refundable.  If you cancel, the game fee is forfeited, so please make sure that you and all players in your group can commit before booking.  This goes for rescheduling as well.  I require two weeks before the event you booked, to reschedule, or this does not leave  me enough time to fill the slot you booked originally.  As such game fees for rescheduling is forfeited if it is less than two weeks.  The fees for players in groups that cancel cannot be put forward to a future session, and will not be refunded.


'Hired John for an 8h adventure for a friend's bachelor party and had a blast. 2 years later we still reminisce about that night and continuing where we left off.  FYI my friends and I have no D&D background. I hired John for an 8h noob friendly adventure for my friend's bachelor party. John was responsive, courteous, and professional from the moment I inquired about his service all the way to the end of the night. He arrived on time with all of his equipment and got us started pretty quickly on our fantasy adventure. John brought along props, a speaker for background music/sound effects, a costume, and some surprisingly fantastic voice acting.

It very clear that John had a lot of experience with D&D. He taught us what we needed to know in a short amount of time and guided us through the game despite our lack of experience. He is a quick thinker that took our inebriated decisions and..."creativity"and seamlessly incorporated it into our adventure. With all of the materials he brought along and the voice acting where he played out multiple roles, he was able to immerse us into the world. Not once did we feel disengaged from the game.

I would highly recommend John if D&D was something you and your friend's were interested in starting or if you just want to have a fun one time experience.

P.S. Don't forget to feed your DM if you're doing a long session :) '

- Jerry Chan


I have been operating for 5 years now, and in the process I have come across many wonderful opportunities. One such opportunity was when I was        approached by Pete Morey of CBC to do an audio documentary on my business. I of course jumped on this, and over the course of the summer we did

several recordings in the studio and here at my 'dungeon'. The finished product, a 27 minute audio documentary, was aired on CBC radio (99.1).   

   It was also aired on SiriusXM.

Below is the website to find the story on, 'The Doc Project' (CBC Radio), which includes the podcast of the audio documentary on Dungeon Master for Hire: 



                    BADBADNOTGOOD VIDEO - LAVENDER                 

Around the time that I started this business, I had the good fortune enough to make some connections with a some awesome individuals from a production company who thought that a Dungeons and Dragons scenario would be a great idea for a music video for one of their clients; a music group called Badbadnotgood.  This video was directed by Fantavious Fritz and produced by Jason Aita. The band, Badbadnotgood, includes Matthew Tavares on keys, Chester Hansen on bass, Leland Whitty on saxophone, and Alexander Sowinski on drums. They are known for their interpretations of hip hop tracks and their collaborations with Tyler, The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Danny Brown, and Ghostface Killah. 

Anyway, enjoy the video, and watch for my promotional bit at the end. I love the way it turned out. A very cool experience.  My thanks to the band and to Fantavious Fritz and Jason Aita for including me in this project.